Application Development

Dialog Designer (by iFactor Consulting)

Quickly creates the background code to develop GUIed plug-ins. (free)

Pseudo RWOs (by FCSI)

This allows you to send "Pseudo Records" to the explorer. With pseudo records you can change what is displayed in the Explorer compared to the defined visible columns. (free)

3D Topology (by FCSI)

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology supports 3 dimensional coordinates. However out of the box it doesn't support ensuring the Z coordinate information at nodes are equivalent. FCSI has developed algorithms that ensure the Z dimension at nodes are consistent.

Alpha Iterator (GE Class C contact your salesperson)

This is a developer's tool to allow developers to iterarate over an alphanumeric range rather than a numeric range. Spaces are allowed and maintained. (i.e. AB 1 ->AD 9 would render the following sequence: AB 1, AB 2, AB 3, … ,AB l, … ,AC 0, AC l, … , AC 9, … ,AD 9) (Smallworld Product and Services Guide)

Conflict Intervention (by FCSI)

FCSI has developed methodology to help prevent data conflicts between alternatives and jobs.

Easy Reports (by FCSI)

FCSI has extended the Pseudo Rwos above to support specific and easy to generate reports.

Map to Email (by FCSI)

The easiest method to share your map view. With a single click of the button you can email a snapshot of the map view and bookmark. You can drag and drop the bookmark file to restore that view.

End User Configurable Data Model (by FCSI)

Are you fed up with having to do data model applies just for a simple attribute? This solution is perfect for you. This allows the end user to add additional attribute fields to objects without modifying the data model and requiring a potentially long merge process.

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