3rd Party Database Tools

Database Priority Tools

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Two procedures which are useful for allocating/checking database priorities for all of the geometry fields in the case db. The first generates a formatted report of all geometry fields and their database priorities sorted by manifold, rwo_type and app_type. The second will read (an edited version of) the report and make updates to the priorities in the case db as required. This facilitates faster bulk edits to the priorities than would otherwise be possible with the case menus. (Smallworld Product and Services Guide)

Database Table Size Reporter

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A procedure which generates a report of individual disk usage of all user tables in the gis partition plus a sum by ds file. Useful for predicting table growth and ultimate db size after loading a sample set of user data. Also aids in determining a suitable strategy for splitting the gis partition files in order to limit maximum file size. (Smallworld Product and Services Guide)

Data Copier

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Utility to copy rwo data from one database to another, possibly with different data models. Includes fairly nice menu driven utilities to set up the mapping from one data model to another. Currently handles point, line and area geometry but not rasters and does not handle relationships. Uses high level insert and make_geometry() protocols rather than lower level stuff, so topology is recreated according to manifold rules in the target database. Data can be transformed as it is copied. (Smallworld Product and Services Guide)

Cache Builder

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The Cache Builder is designed as a quick and simple interface for building persistent cache files within the GIS. It includes options for specifying the directory that the cache files are to be stored in, the amount of disk space to be made availa ble and the selection of various types of datastore files to be cached. It also allows the size that the datastore files can grow to and the maximum space made available for each cached file to be set automatically or by the user. (Smallworld Product and Services Guide)

Difference Lister

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The difference lister displays all the differences between two database views or versions. The procedure returns a 16 bit
checksum built from all the differences between the two views and also raw checksum (which may be a bignum). Parameters may be set to determine the amount of information displayed. The code is supplied as two procedures which can be run from Magik. A sample output is shown below after a single object with an area geometry was inserted. (Smallworld Product and Services Guide)

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