3rd Party Companies

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Since 2001, Field Consulting and Services, Inc. (FCSI) has been providing consulting, software development, training, and data conversion services specializing in the use of GE Energy's Smallworld Core Spatial Technology Geographic Information System (GIS). Through innovation and perseverance, we continue to push the technological bounds and applications of Smallworld CST.

GHC HydroS Consult GmbH

  • Solutions and tools for Smallworld GIS:
    • content filter/content analyst
    • digital elevation model
    • LIWIS tools
    • agricultural tool
    • ground water tool
    • diagram tool
    • isoline tool
    • training in tools and Magik

Realworld Systems

Since 1994 Realworld Systems is involved in Smallworld GIS services, products and consulting. The Realworld Holding consists of companies in 10 countries worldwide.
We deliver services and product development for companies managing large numbers of spatial assets.
Examples are Utilities and Telecoms companies.
Realworld stands on three pillars:

  • Services on Geographical Information Systems (GIS);
  • Services on Spatial Asset Management;
  • Worldclass Product Development.

Realworld Software Products is the product development arm of Realworld. Our products include:

  • Water Office
  • Ground Water Office
  • Diagnostics
  • SWEG - sold through GE only


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