3rd Party Products

after discussions at the Smallworld Users Conference, I remembered the old Smallworld module book I think was last published in 1998. I've updated this page and created the subsequent links to reflect a categorized list of utilities, plugins, and applications that are available for Smallworld..

GE Digital Energy has a web page that identifies authorized partners at http://www.gegridsolutions.com/channels/partners/ge-energy-software-ecosystem.html. You can review this list (changing All markets to Geospatial Solutions) for links to those partners.

Geometry Tools

This page contains available 3rd party geometry manipulation tools. This includes trail geometry manipulations.

Database Administration Tools

This page contains 3rd party administration tools for database maintenance and upgrade.

Object Editing Tools

Miscellaneous editing tools such as batch editing and specialized editor tools.

Data Export/Import

This page contains 3rd party import and export functionality

Display Tools

This page contains products that augment the view with data and style changes, including mashup technologies.


This page contains plug-ins and enhancements to GE Smallworld's Schematics Engine

Application Development Tools

This page contains useful tools for application developers. Also tools/plug-ins that extend application functionality.

Industry Specific Tools

This page contains plug-ins or applications designed for specific industries like power distribution apps (UtiliTrak), telecom applications, or other industries.

User Interfaces

This page contains User Interface widgets like color ramp editor, progress bars, etc.

Plotting Tools

This page contains plug-ins and enhancements to GE Smallworld's plotting functionality

Network Tracing

This page contains plug-ins and enhancements to GE Smallworld's network tracing functionality.

System Interfaces

This page contains solutions to interface your Smallworld application with other systems.

Miscellaneous Tools

Does your plug-in or application not fit any any of the above, put it here….

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