3.3 ACE Information
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The 3.3 release started introducing toolbars in the classic and action graphics interface. The toolbars in the classic GUI are somewhat a pain to manipulate, but here are a few tips

  • To modify the toolbars, you need to get a handle on the graphics system [g]. Then call toolbar_customiser.open(g). You can then drag/drop the entries to where you want. some things to note:
    • The entries are based on the menu items that are defined in the ACE, so you need to add it if didn't exist.
    • The button image…. When you select the button image, it actually copies the file from where you selected to the product's user_resources\resources\base\bitmaps directory and renames it to the id of the menu function. IF you can't support changes to core, which should be the majority of you, you will need to do this.
      • Move the file that is copied to user_resources\resources\base\bitmaps to the resources\base\bitmaps of one of your modules.
      • Get a hold of the the gpm.ace_view.collections[:sw_gis!ace_toolbar_entry] that you just entered. There is no easy way of doing this, so you need to look at the entries to find the one you want to modify. Assume you call it ate.
      • Set the toolbar entry module field to the module name you moved the button image file to. Eg, ate.module « "module"
    • Don't forget to commit, post, merge to see the changes!
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