Smallworld Database

The Smallworld Database is the most powerful geographic database technology available on the market today. It supports databases in the 10s of terabytes in size. Far outperforming the competition.

OS Configurations/Performance

DB Data Techniques

DB Administration

DB Information

Need to know sizes of tables or alternatives? Check out these tips.

DB Performance (thru Magik)

DB Storage

How are things stored in the database?

DB Server & Client Settings


Run away process updating database?

Have you ever had a rogue process updating the database and you can't figure out what it is? The following code will rollback the alternative and make it readonly. This will stop the updates and hopefully will give you a traceback to let you know what was going on. Note the sleep timing may need adjusting to ensure the switch is done before the rogue process updates the alternative.

Who's Writing to the Alternative

Have you ever tried to go to an alternative and make it writable, but the system says someone else is writing to it? Why not tell me??? You can use "current-writers" on the view to determine who has the alternative writable.

What is Going On with the Database?

If you think you have database performance issue, you can trace what is happening to the database. Use the following… [1]


CASE Information

CASE objects are just that, objects in the "case" database. CASE objects are joined to CASE Field objects, and other types of object defining the Object/Table.

CASE Object/Table Definition

The maximum length of the table name is 32 characters. Note that the sw_gis!case_object table allows for 40 characters.

CASE Field

The maximum length of a a field name is also 32 characters. Note that the sw_gis!case_field table allows for 40 characters.

1. Joe Burt
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