Data Model

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You can use the following to get the data model version of a view. This is useful for conversion scripts and testing if a data model version has been merged.



The CASE Tool is used to define the data model for your application.

Data Model Implementers

Implementers allow you to more easily push data model changes out. There is some information in the Help pages.

Loading of Data Model Implementers

Loading of the implementers are done with <module>.datamodel_implementers(). (this is called by installation_status() which is called by print_installation_status())

Adjusting Target View Names

If the target view names for the implementers may change, you may want to do the following on your implementer exemplar:

  • Define a shared variable with the target views on your implementer.
  • Register your implementer using :dataset_names_method set to your shared variable
  • Define the method int!target_dataset_wrappers on your implementer to return unset if wrapper values are different then shared variable.
    # test .int!target_dataset_wrappers.case_dataset_name and .int!target_dataset_wrappers.user_dataset_name 
    # to your shared variable {{:case_name,:view_name}}
    _return _unset

Once the datamodel_implementers() method has been run you can change the shared variable and re-run functionality such as print_installation_status()

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