Database Information


Reporting Sizes of Alternatives

You can dump information on the size of each alternative using the following. *Joe Burt This example shows data for an ACE view, but any view could be used.

av << gis_program_manager.ace_view 
usage << av.file_usage() 

Changes in Alternative?

You can use view.anything_to_merge_or_post?() to let you know if there are changes to the alternative.


Reporting Sizes of Tables

You can display the information on the size of each table using the following. *Joe Burt

_for t _over av.collections.fast_elements() 
   (s,d,tnb,bb) << t.ds!info() 
   show(t,"Size",s,"Depth",d,"Total NBLOCKS",tnb) 

"Defining a_table"

This is shown when there is a data model change when going from one alternative to another or creating the exemplar the first time a table is being defined during database start up. This is displayed in the method gis_ds_view.init_rwo_exemplar(). So if you are seeing this and want to know why, you can put a traceback in/around this call.

DS Files

Get List of Users of DS file

Command Line

There is a way of reporting usage of a DS file from the command line or BAT file. I just don't what it is without more research… If you know, please post…


You can use Magik to get DS file usage. 1st get the current users through the logical file: message_handler.view.files[1].current_logical_file.users. This will return a vector of numbers, which are useless to me but, if past into message_handler.view.files[1].current_logical_file.user_details() it returns the actual user@computer, which is useful!

    _local lf << message_handler.view.files[1].current_logical_file
    _for aUser _over lf.users.fast_elements()

Size of DS File

Regular Files

#num of blocks
#num of bytes
gis_program_manager.databases[:gis].files[2].current_logical_file.physical_file.size * 4096

Super Files

you can get individual components and get the size of each

#print info

Server Protocols

Here is a list of Server Protocols and their releases.

Protocol SW Release
5.6.1 3.1(0)SP2
5.8.7 3.2(1)
5.10.6 4.0
5.12.3 4.1
5.14.8 4.1.1
5.16.6 4.2
5.18.3 & 5.18.4 4.3
5.20.7 5.0b
5.22.9 5.1.5
5.25.1/5.26.01 5.1.9
5.26.0 5.2.0
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