OS Configurations

OS Configurations

Windows Firewall

I just love the fact Windows 7 Firewall gives you the option to display when programs are trying to communicate, but doesn't actually show it, and don't get me started on logging that doesn't log anything… (Have I mentioned I hate Microsoft!) So if you are running into problems where you can't communicate to the SWMFS server, here are a few tidbits…

  • On the server, you can bring up the configuration GUI and Query Server and your response looks correct. continue.
  • On the client, you bring up the configuration GUI and Query Server the server, and all you get is "unknown." This is a classic sign of firewall problems…
  • You need to add swmfs.exe to your firewall settings. Note, not the swmfs.exe that is in the product directory (that would make too much sense)… You need to add the swmfs.exe that is running in the task manager. The best way to determine this is to bring up the task manager and select "Show all users." Select swmfs from the list and do right mouse click Properties. Note the Location. For me it was C:\Windows\SysWOW64. So the program you want to add to your firewall is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\swmfs.exe…

Authorization File

On Windows systems, the SWMFS stores it's authorization settings in %SystemRoot%\system32\swmfs.auth (SystemRoot is typically C:\Windows for 32bit systems and C:\Windows\SysWOW64 for 64bit systems). I believe you could make changes directly to this file, but you would have to restart SWMFS…


Databases on MS Windows XP Very Slow

Database Connections VERY Slow

Run swmfs_trace. If SERVER_INFO takes a very long time >15 secs to respond try the following.

  • Try resetting the IP addressing using netsh inet ip reset. Can someone elaborate about what this does?
  • If using WINS rather than DNS for IP host naming. The problem may be resolved by entering the server's name and IP address in its %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file, as discussed in the Smallworld 3 System Administration document, section 7.6 quote from Zareh Langridge 2001

Databases on Microsoft Cluster Server

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