DB Server and Client Settings

Time Out/Keep Alive

Time Outs: No, not for when you mis-behave! It is for keeping the client and server connected when the network connection drops for some reason. This could be caused by any number of reasons, most not really in the scope of this Wiki.

There are two areas where you can set the time out limits. The first is on the SWMFS server. Tou change this using the config.exe (on Windows & as Administrator). Under Datastore Server Administrator->Transports. This setups up the "default" time out settings.

The second overrides the server setting and is controlled by an environment variable called SW_MDB_KEEPALIVE. By default this is set to 60,10. 60 is the time in seconds a wakeup signal is sent to the server. 10 is the number of times to try. So effectively your time period is 600 seconds, or 10 minutes….

More info located in the HtmlHelp: swcdbadmswaf.chm, Databases Administration->Operations->Operations for the Datastore Server->13.2.3 Configuring keepalive for swmfs

Connectivity Issues

This section is designed to help you figure out DB Server connectivity issues. Although connectivity problems can be caused by a large range of issues, and most fixes are found by trial and error, I hope this section will identify some things to consider.

Periodic Reconnection Failures

You are up and running and life is great, but every once in a while, your session looses connectivity to your server and it doesn't re-connect correctly.

Keep Alive settings

I have noticed that if the Transport's second number is less than the second number configured on the client's SW_MDB_KEEPALIVE, I loose connections and it never successfully recovers. So make the client's second number smaller than the server.

SWMFS Errors

Windows OS Info

The Smallworld Server process is called SWMFS (Smallworld File Server). This runs as a Windows service that is controlled by the config.exe (Start/Stop); it can be controlled thru the Manage Services of Windows; or by using net start/stop.

Error 1072

We ran into this issue when starting the service thru the config.exe, and not sure exactly why. But when we tried to start the service thru Manage Services, we noticed the service was set to disabled. When we tried to set it to Manual, we got a message "This service as been marked for deletion."

We are going to try and reboot the server and let it do whatever, and then try to restart the server using config.exe which I think will re-install the service.

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