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Online Smallworld Community Presentationwas presented at the 2011 Smallworld User conference.

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The sw-gis list provides a forum for developers and system administrators working with Smallworld GIS. This list addresses technical issues concerning Smallworld GIS, such as Magik programming, CASE tool, interfacing to other systems, but also system and database administration.

Note that any Smallworld 5 specific questions should have SW5 in the topic line to make it easier to find.


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Alfred Sawatzky

Alfred has a large blog site that discusses many aspects of Smallworld.


.. on everyday experiences with gis software projects

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Re: Small World Tutorials

There are a limited number of web resources, but some of these websites do have good information.

This wiki article gives a good overview.

There are a few basic tricks on Bill Wright's old (2005) blog. It's dead, but the code is still valid.

Charlie Savage has posted the old Smallworld Technical Papers on his blog. Tech paper number 5 is on Magik Programming.

Alfred Sawatzky has an active blog on Magik programming, but it is for more advanced programmers. Lots of good information, but it can overwhelm a beginner.

If you are hands on, you can rip apart some source code from SourceForge and see the inner workings of some excellent open source projects. There are lots of great things to download from here.

Christian Taton's blog is geared toward beginning Magik programmers. It doesn't have a lot of content yet, but it is alive and it should be good for learning Magik from the beginning.

Tim Minto has some source code projects available to dissect on his site.

There are some good tools for Magik programmers found on the Magik IDE - MDT Magik Development Tools website.

There aren't many Magik programming resources out there, but hopefully some of these will help you. You will also find this Yahoo group to be great at answering specific questions. Read the archives before posting because it annoys everybody to answer the same question multiple times, and ask specific questions with detail and you will often get a timely and effective response.

Good luck learning Magik and welcome to the community.

-Christain Taton

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