Smallworld Geometry

Basic Geometry Information




Dataless RWO Transactions

You can use dataset_transactions to create/join dataless records. Below is an example.


(gotcha) Note that the geometry requires a world or you will get the following useless error:

**** Error: The insert transaction on dataset gis has failed as there are no proposed field values
     dataset_transaction_api_no_fields(operation=:insert, dataset=:gis, transaction=a sw:record_transaction)

Pseudo Geometry from Geomtery

You would think this is a basic function, but here it is. Note the setting of the world is required…

_pragma(classify_level=basic, topic={smp,lightning})
_method top_level_geometry.fcsi_as_pseudo_geometry()
    ## Parameters  : none
    ## Returns     : pseudo geometry (memory_exemplar of self) with
    ## self's world.
    ## Function    : 
    ## Methodology : 
    #---------------- HISTORY ---------------------
    # (2017/11/01 - Mark Field (FCSI)): Created.
    _local pg << _self.memory_exemplar.new_with(_self) <<
    _return pg
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