Basic Geometry Information

Trail Interactions

Trail Geometry

Have you ever run into a problem with trying to get the trail geometry in the right coordinate system to update your geometry? Typically when you do .sectors on any geometry, the coordinates will be in the coordinate system defined by the dynamic !current_coordinate_system!. A simple trail.sectors does not auto convert the coordinates…

  • You must use trail.geometry which returns a sector rope in the !current_coordinate_system!.
  • Or you can use trail.as_pseudo_geometry which will return a pseudo geometry and you can do a .sectors to get the sector rope in the !current_coordinate_system!.

Too many Intersections?

Do you see the following error:
Error: Primitive sw:sector_rope:[1-4].sector failed status 1376267(0,21,11) Too many intersections

Try setting your maxInts environment higher:
set SW_TRACE=maxInts=100000
or try the following at the magik prompt:
system.sys!set_c_trace("maxInts", 2000)

If this doesn't fix the problem, then verify your data doesn't spike (like have a coordinate at 0,0) across the database intersecting with a boat load of other features.

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