Info Flags

Info Flags

You can create an info flag using the info_flag_manager. The info_flag_manager can be initialized with a "database."

Info Flag Record


Quality Manager

Development Tips

  • Activity name in routine config file is used on the quality_check_tool message handler to give you the Activity grouping in the pulldown list.
    • Activity Name = Right Name and must be assigned to users to see the Activity.
  • Routine name comes from external_name on the message handler for that routine exemplar. Typically that is the same name as the exemplar.
  • If creating flags from a process.
    • You must start a info_flag_manager using start_run() (end with end_run())
    • You can create an instance of info_flag_manager using{view}))
    • When creating flags, you need to ensure the creation is not within a catch clause. There is something with the creation of the flag that does it within a protection/try/lwt or something that when the thread is thrown, the newly created flag is undone. The best way to handle this is to have an imported variable that is set when an error occurs and the thread is thrown. Then handle the variable & creation of the flag outside the catch.

Updating Config File

You can update the config file and do the following to force a re-read and re-set.

  • Get handle on application (example swaf!)
  • Close existing QM Tool/GUI. The following could be :quality_management
  • swaf!.plugin(:quality_control).dialogs.empty()
  • swaf!.plugin(:quality_control).sys!perform(:get_configuration|()|)
  • swaf!.plugin(:quality_control).post_init_plugins()
  • Start QM Tool/GUI



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