Magik Unit Testing (MUnit)

Unit Testing is available for Smallworld.


(Jan 2018) MUnit from GE This is a published version from Paul Warwicker at GE. He will keep this up to date from now on. It has it's own WIKI (work in progress. Old wiki here). It is used internally for all Smallworld 5 testing. According to Paul there are extensive changes/fixes from the previous version but existing test code should work.

(Apr 2011)on Bitbucket/SWOT This Brobbel lead us to this version on It appears George Marrows did some updates and posted them. This is probably the best one to use as of Jan 2011. Alfred Sawatzky has copied this release on April 2011 to the magik-components svn repository, where Reinhard Hahn made some smaller enhancements to it by April 2014 This is release 1.0 from Jan Vorel's old website. It is believed the bitmaps are corrupt in this release, but it is still functional! They were converted to text in CVS by accident. Will be trying to fix in the future. If someone else has a clean release, please post it. Thanks! This is original MUnit implementation by Jan Vorel. The ZIP contains correct icons and screenshots. I downloaded the file a long time ago from archived Vorel's web page. I found that link at Alfred Sawatzky blog. michud

In the 2009 presentation discussed below,, There are some modifications and examples to Jan's MUnit above.

Smallworld 5 Updates

TEP with support from Jesse Usow & Mark Field have updated Jan's MUnit to work with Smallworld 5. I have asked for TEP to release that here.


This presentation was given by Mark Field @ the 2007 Smallworld Users Conference. 2007 MUnit Presentation This presentation was given by Mark Field @ the 2009 Smallworld Users Conference. This has the presentation, the modifications and additions in the 2007 presentation, and the examples shown during the presentation. The examples allow you to get up and running with Unit Testing very quickly. The tests include basic testing of the environment variables, data model checks, and code checks. The tests are designed to run on top of the Cambridge Demo database.

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