SWIFT is a new GUI introduced at 4.3 (actually it is in 4.2 also). It has much more control over the interface then ever before…



If you are using sw_text_item as a combo box item, you will need to be careful when you enable/disable the item. You must have the item enabled prior to doing item.text_items « new_items. If you don't the pulldown list will not be selectable… (4.3)


Tooltip Locks GUI

I have noticed that there is something in the tooltip code that locks up a GUI during processing. I have created a GUI with a cancel (interrupt) button to stop a process. However it would not respond. I traced it down to something with the tooltip display. I'm guessing it is thread priorities. I created a work around that will not display tooltips if the frame is busy. Below is the code… Note you do have to ensure the top frame is busy. I have noticed that if the top frame is part of a plugin, the owning application will send "busy? « _false" to the plug-ins, so you need to overwrite the "busy?«" method to ignore it if coming from the application.

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