Object Editors

Adding Back Specials Pulldown

PNI removes the "Specials" pulldown from some of the object editors (like Pole). The simplest way of adding the "Specials" pulldown back is to create a customisation product and adding the the files named (with the path) "pni_editors_config\resources\base\data\pole_editor_config.xml" and "pni_editors_config\resources\base\data\pole_editor_gui.xml". The information in each file should look like the following…

User Objects

Adding User Objects to History

  • Your new object exemplar must be inherit from planning_status_mixin.
  • create an entry like swg_dsn_admin_engine.define_table_code(5407301,:your_object)
  • create entry in mit_manager
    • mit_manager.table_name_to_code[:your_object] « 540731
    • mit_manager.code_to_table_name[5407301] « :your_object

Below is the path to the components information.

Enabling Geometry Actions

The user records need to have the following methods/constants available for the Highlight, Goto, Select, and Place One buttons to work properly. It is up to you how to determine the geometry field to use if your object has multiple objects.

  • safe_primary_geometry - This returns the geometry field name as a symbol
  • get_spatial_context_names() - This returns all possible geometry field names you want to interact with the application
  • primary_spatial_context_name - For "go to" functionality in PNI. Returns the geometry name to use.
  • get_spatial_context() - For "go to" functionality in PNI. Returns spatial_context for the object. (see code below)
  • default_geom_field_name - For "place" action to be available


This section is to help debug when configuring PNI

Schematics Duplicate Dataset

Can't start a PNI User application with "Error: The dataset: schematics_uds(uds_schematics) is already included in another transaction group"

Here is a possible solution… Check the config.xml of the application you are trying to start and look for the document_manager plugin. Check the gui_properties -> config_definition_file_name element. Is it config.xml and you have changed resource_module_name to be local? What is happening you are calling config.xml a second time. More than likely you want to change it to map_config.xml. See the example below.

Pred5 Error When Updating

If you see this following traceback, when updating a feature in PNI, check your build stuff..

Ensure mit_manager.post_startup() is being called during startup. A possible solution is to add the following to the :startup_procedures directive of the magik_image.register_new()
        {sw:mit_manager, :|post_startup()|}

3rd Party Products

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