Application Start
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Application Startup can be quite a pain to debug. Here are some information to help…



You need to define the ACE twice. Once in the smallworld_product.register_application() and in the config.xml. Examples:

smallworld_product.register_application( :my_application,
                     :external_name,        "My Application",
                     :resource_module_name, :my_app_module,
                     :ace_name, :|MyAce|,                    
                     :soc_name, :gis)
     <!--   specify which ACE to use to view each spatial_context type  
     <spatial_context name="gis" ace_name="MyAce" universe_name="gis" /> 


The messages are based on the module name. In the example above, any application messages would be in the my_app_module.msg file.


:condition_raised :does_not_understand :object unset :selector :|make_invisible()| :arguments sw:simple_vector:[1-0] :iterator? False :private? False

Caused by not having the following defined in gui.xml (editor area), but the plugin is defined in config.xml.
<plugin plugin_name="transaction_plugin" role="transaction_viewer"/>

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