Smallworld Configuration

HTML Help (CHM) file settings.

Are you having problems reading your CHM (HTML Help) file pages? Blame it on another Microsoft great screwup. In Windows XP and later they tightened their security settings to not read intranet CHM files. So if your CHM file is on a local server and you can't view the page, you can run the following REG file. In Windows 7 there may have been one release that shut CHM files off completely, this fixes it too.

MS Internet Explorer 10 & 11 Freezing Smallworld

Microsoft does it again… If you install IE 10 (or 11) and try to start HTML Help from within a Smallworld application, it will freeze the GIS. The only option at this stage is to kill the sw_magik_win32 process. This has been fixed with TSBs and later.

Slow Committing Process

Have you seen very slow response during your commit? With Windows XP, Microsoft created this idea of "System Restore" which is a for you to restore your configurations since windows is such an easy OS to mess up… However their approach basically copies everything when something changes. So if you touch a DS file by default, it copies the entire DS file. And if this is several GB in size, it can take forever!

Verifying My License Information

Smallworld licenses are stored in the message.ds file. This file can be located anywhere and is defined by the SW_MESSAGE_DB_DIR environment during the open image build. Changing the environment and starting the image doesn't have any effect. There are solutions to this problem and someone may want to post a solution here.

To ensure that your open image is pointing to the message.ds that you are expecting, you can do the following command before you start any applications of an open image.


Building Images

This page contains information about building Smallworld images.

Starting Images and Emacs

This page contains information about start up scripts for Smallworld images.

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