Starting Images and Emacs

Using Complex Environment BAT Files

Do you want to use the same environment.bat you use to build your images to start Emacs or images? When you look at the GIS command you have to use -e an_env.bat if you do not want to use the core environment.bat file. However this requires a simple BAT file (no IFs, ~dp0, etc.). But you have a need to have some more complex code in the Bat files, so you end up duplicating all your environments in the GIS_aliases files, which causes a configuration nightmare…

The solution, have a start BAT file that calls you build's environment BAT file. And when you call GIS -e an_env.bat emacs213 (etc.) use -e empty.bat file. The empty.bat file is empty. All the environments from the call to your environment.bat file are known to the system!

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