Drawing Geometry and Others

This page has detailed information for drawing geometry and other things.

Post Render

You can have thing drawn on the view using application's databus post_render_sets producer functionality

RWO Predicates

You can set up rwo predicates on the ACE Control to draw objects you are interested in.

Note the get_ace_control_for() on application is case sensitive!


Additional Details

The following are dynamics set prior to the method being sent to the RWO's predicate during drawing.

This is the trace to a method of the RWO Predicate.

Rendering Notes

Rendering is done on the map_view object. There are several steps that happen in rendering, like rendering and post rendering. The rendering is done in a thread and is not the easiest to identify when rendering is actually completed.

Post Rendering

Post rendering is typically done by databus request of post_render_sets. This is also threaded.

Dependency Notifications

In SW5 (5.2.10 to be specific) I have noticed the following change notifications if you attach to map_view object.

  • :end_render
  • :post_render
  • :end_render
  • :end_render
  • :end_render

As you see there are 2 :end_render(s) after the :post_render. Not 100% sure the origins of each, but I see that it is best to key off the 3rd :end_render after the :post_render.

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