Smallworld Explorer

Smallworld Explorer Plugin

The Explorer is a commonly used plugin to provide data on records within the database.

Formatting Data

The data is displayed thru the display_tree_renderer exemplar. There may be some formatting handled thru the ACE. (Needs additional info here) I believe even the headers use this exemplar (Needs verification)

Class Formatting

If the field format is not specified, then it defaults to class formatting based on the value to be displayed. That is set up thru!init_standard_class_formatters() which adds various known class types and formats to the slot: class_formatter_table. Such as string_styles_holder.class_formatter_table[:float].

By default the float format is 2 decimals defined by called without arguments in!init_standard_class_formatters(). If you want to change this you will need to modify one of the following

  • the format held in string_styles_holder.class_formatter_table[:float] or
  • modify string_styles_holder.format() to return a different class formatter based on the field name or
  • modify string_styles_holder.class_formatter()
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