Object Editor

The object_editor in Smallworld™ is likely the most used tool in the GIS. The complete documentation of the company assets are done in this GUI. The object_editor is quite a complex apparatus, so here are some tips to tweek it.

Color field_items

Validated field_items

Custom field_editors

The architecture of the field_items and field_editors

Defining Editors for Specific Objects

PNI (and maybe other GE Office products) redefine the default Object Editor. If you have created a basic object, or have a different dataset with objects that you want to edit with the basic editor you need to do the following modifications.

In your application's config.xml, you need to point the Editor Manager's configuration to an editable XML file:

  <plugin name="editor_manager" class_name="pni_editor_manager">
      <property name="configuration_file_name" 

Then in the editor_manager_collection_properties.xml file add your collections as follows:

  <collection collection_name ="your_collection"
              gui_file_name   ="swaf_professional_application.editor_gui.xml"/>
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