Smallworld 4.2
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New Case Tool !

  • Woo hoo! Looks nice with the SWAF interface. However you need an update to your ACE. here is the export of the Cambridge ACE in case you need it! case_420 dump
  • If you have problems inserting geometry in the new CASE Tool, check your SOC…. The Dataset name of any names CASE SOC name must be case. The error is "A Case Object position cannot be placed in case_420 map" OR you need to add the new CASE dataset objects to the case_420 ACE. If you go to the ACE and select case_420, select the new dataset under the SOC it is under. Select all the objects and set them to accessible, viewable, etc. Don't for get to hit Update!!!! Also don't forget to propagate your ACE changes to whomever needs them!
  • If you have the case_420 ACE and you still get an error about not being able to use a case_22 map, it is probably caused by the home bookmark. The bookmark preserves the ACE name and with home set to case_22, you get a problem.
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