Smallworld 5 BOLOs

Be On the Look Out!!! These are things to look for if you have weirdness with Smallworld 5 that worked under previous versions….

SWIFT Issues

Resizing/Redrawing Issues

Here are a few things to check…

  • Verify that you aren't creating a secondary sw_canvas_container instead of using a sw_container. The top most container under a frame should be sw_canvas_container, but containers under this should not be sw_canvas_container, except for specialized coding…

Tabular_list_view Issues

The pre SWIFT tabular_list_views don't really work within SW5 that well. The sizing is all messed up if on a panel, or even on a multi row/col rowcol object. The best way I have seen to get the tabular_list_view working correctly is to place them inside a 1x1 rowcol object. You should still use num_rows option on the tabular_list_view along with height on the rowcol.

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