Smallworld Bugs and Issues

On this page are known issues with the Smallworld 5 platform that GE hasn't or won't supply fixes for. If you can include the releases the problems exist that will be beneficial.


Files that include load_file_stop() will create an error during loading in 5.1.0.

Pseudo Slots

Pseudo slots allow you to add a slot to an existing exemplar. This has been great to use to add a little functionality to existing exemplars without having to subclass and modify a ton of XML files if working with plugins. Or even on exemplars like ds_collection or gis_ds_view where you want to have something that is specific to that instantiation of an exemplar.

Because it was classified as "debug" GE isn't "supporting" it in SW5 per se. If you have a pseudo slot defined that exemplar will not work with the copy() method. You will get the message **** Error: Object fcsi_osm_download_area85-detached:(9793) does not understand message metadata() with arguments: :pseudo_slot_names. To fix this add this method back.

Error When Defining Globals Interactively

When you have !global_auto_declare?! set to _maybe and you try to declare a new global, an error is raised. This exists in releases 5.1.0 & 5.1.1. A proposed fix didn't quite work, so the only thing I can offer is go to a later version…

This is fixed in 5.1.5 (not sure about 5.1.4). I am relatively positive it is not fixed in 5.1.3.

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