Smallworld 5 Specific Coding


Conditional Loading

Prior to SW5, load_file_stop() could be used to stop a file from being loaded. It could be put at the beginning for testing if an exemplar is included, or at the end to not create a magikc file. In SW5, load_file_stop() stops the loading of everything. This is due to the fact when you compile things to a JAR the whole file is saved there, so it can't really support this easily.

So if you need to load file based on if an exemplar is loaded, or something like that, you can leverage the !module_file! dynamic. This is available when you compile, load module, load_file_list, or F2-b (load_file) the file individually. The only "gotcha" is that in SW5 !module_file! is a sw_module_file, and in 4.3, it is a string. So you need to handle it appropriately.

_dynamic !module_file!
_if smallworld_product.release_version < 5
    load_file(!module_file! + "/../streetview_acp.magik")
    # notice as_charvec()
    load_file(!module_file!.as_charvec() + "/../something_else.magik")


Prior to Smallworld 5, you could do something like system.do_command("set") to display all environments. In Smallworld 5 you must prefix the command with "cmd /c". I believe this is a Java thing that you need to call external commands with cmd /c. So this will work in SW5: system.do_command("cmd /c set")

HTTP Connections Behind Proxy

If you have created java code that does any type of connection to the web like HttpURLConnection, you may run into issues connecting behind a Proxy Server.

You can add code to incorporate proxy code like:

Proxy proxy = new Proxy(Proxy.Type.HTTP, new InetSocketAddress("", 8080));
conn = new URL(urlString).openConnection(proxy);

Or you can use the -D options http.proxyHost and http.proxyPor to start the Smallworld Java session. This way you don't have to add the proxy to all of your code.[1]

This could also be used by ACPs

Method Existence

The method table on mixins are a little different than 4.x. To determine if a method exists locally on a mixin you can do this:

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