Smallworld 5 Configuration


Remove Google from Title Bar

Smallworld 5 automatically adds GE's Google Maps plugin to the products' application. If you do not have GE's license for Google usage, you can remove the bar & pull down from the top right of the title you need to modify the config.xml. (Yes config, not gui.xml). I suggest copying the files and put them into a customisation folder structure as to not affect delivered files. These are the plugins you will need to remove.

  • map_tiles
  • address_search
  • swaf_address_search

The streetview plugin needs to be removed from both the config and gui XML files.


There are no more separate files for different font styles. In fact fonts have been simplified to 2 files whose location is defined by the SW_FONT_CONFIG environment. You cannot append your directory to it! You will need to copy the font_map and font_usage_names files to your customization directory and edit there. here is an example of adding a reference to the Hershey-Roman-Narrow font.

# placed in the font_map file
DEFINE Hershey-Roman-Narrow
    type: Win32
    size: SCALABLE
    comprises: Arial Narrow

You can test this by doing print(font.get_logical_fonts()) after restarting the session.

Windows Fonts

You can explore to C:\Windows\Fonts to see available font names. The font names are "typically" located under the parent folder like: C:\Windows\Fonts\Verdana

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