Upgrade Code Examples

Removed Classes

There are several removed classes in sw5.

  • vector_font - appears you can directly replace using font.

Removed Methods

Exemplar Definitions

Post Mortem Exemplars

If you have an exemplar that has post_mortem() functionality. It is required to have a new java inheritance {_class :|com.gesmallworld.magik.language.MagikFinalisable|} as the fourth argument. Note that _class is optional, but will give warning at 5.1.9.

See swv-compatibility for compatibility with 4.x if you add the _class directive.

Pre 5.1.9

++Embedded Loops in Argument List

This has been fixed in 5.1.9. Fixed somewhere between 5.1.4 and 5.1.9
If you used the result of a leave-with inside an argument list like the following, you will need to re-work the code to be a simple argument list as seen below.

The following code will produce the error:

**** Error: Java exception java.lang.RuntimeException: Method compilation would result malformed stack.
     java_error(exception_type=:|java.lang.RuntimeException|, message="Method compilation would result malformed stack.")
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