GE's web interface directory from Smallworld is the Geo-Spatial Server(GSS). Network Viewer (Plus)(NVP) leverages GSS and allows you to see the data within an out of box web page.


Agent Server

A JBoss(?) / Node.js(?) server that manages the available Magik images that create the maps and populate the index database (I forget the name). You have to have at least one Magik image/session configured as auto start. Additional ones are optional and can be started/stopped from the GSS admin web pages.



This requires an Agent Server as defined in GSS documentation. This may not stand out in the NVP documentation.

A sias_current checkpoint and sias_temp checkpoint (latter created during process?) are used. The differences identify the cached map tile areas that are invalid and remove them from the cache and the references from the index files.

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