Magik on Java (SW5)

This is specifically for the latest Smallworld 5 (SWV) release. Any notes/examples specifically with the Java implementation should go here.

Magik Language

Image Builds (incl. open image information)

SWMFS Database

Database Operations

Data Model


External Databases

Smallworld Installation & Configuration

Smallworld Authorisation

Conflict Resolution Configuration



Object Editor

Jobs & Job Server

Information about Job Server and its Jobs. (not to be confused with design/scheme).


Information about GE SOMS technology. As well as Smallworld specific FME information.

Drawing on Views

Smallworld Core Release Specific Links

Upgrade Tidbits

Info Flags and Quality Manager

Info Flags are something in Smallworld 4.3. It is a "generic" way of flagging problems with data. It is used by Quality Manager to run routines and create the flags.

Administration Application

This page is for configuration and other information concerning the Core Administration Application. Specific product related Administration Application tools should be placed in the pages below.

OLE/COM Interface

This page has information about the OLE/COM interface between Smallworld and MicroSoft Office products.

Core Plugins

This page is for miscellaneous Smallworld plug-ins and functionality delivered with Smallworld Core by GE.

Physical Network Inventory Information

Gas Distribution & Transmission Office Information

Electric Office Information

Generic Smallworld Office Product Information

Design Manager Information

Power On Information

GSS/NVP Information

This page is for GE's Geo-Spatial Server and Network Viewer (Plus).

Code Traces (Tracebacks)

This page is to post common code traces to determine how methods are called.

General Errors

Emacs Information (23.1.1)

Using a supported & recent emacs

Operating System Administration




Other GIS Related Information

+++Tiling Google, OSM, & other tiling information.

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