Tutorial: Alien CoProcessor

Simple Java Based ACP Example

This is a simple Java based ACP that demonstrates both Magik & Java code

Java Versions

Have you had issues with what Java version you should run with Smallworld? First, look at what version the product\resources\base\java\lib\geswcore.jar was compiled with. This can be found by opening the JAR with a ZIP program and looking at META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. You will want to use a Java release after that release.

32 or 64 bit Java Runtime (JRE)?

The answer is "it depends." The correct answer will be based on what if any machine libraries you need to run. For example there are external JARs that you may use that have a dependency on native libraries that may be built with 32 bit. A 64 bit JRE may not allow you to run 32 bit native libraries. So you would need to use a 32 bit JRE.

Note that you can have multiple versions of the JRE on your machine. So you can use the 32 bit JRE for a specific Java ACP, but at the same time use a 64 bit Java for another Java ACP. You just have to make sure you are pointing to the JRE that you want to use…

Magik on Java…

You will need to follow the GE recommendations on what versions you can run….

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